Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to save money on...Valentine's Day

It is almost the loveliest day of the year: Valentine's Day! This week's blog will focus on this special day, which will take place next Tuesday. What are fun ideas and gifts for your Valentine, and especially, what is possible with a small budget?
At first, let us give you some ideas for original and cheap gifts for your loved one.

Handmade Valentines card
This video shows you how you can make your own valentines card in a couple of minutes. A handmade Valentines card is always more personal than a card that you can buy in a store and most of all, it isn’t expensive at all!

100 Lovely Little Notes
Surprise your loved one with a bottle of glass with little lovely notes about why and how much you love him/her. Each day it is possible for your lover to take out one note. In addition, fill the bottle with any matching sweets for this Valentine’s Day, for example, sweets in the shape of a heart and it will look great!

Valentines Vouchers
Do you have not much money to spend but you would like to do a lot of different things with your partner? Give him or her a small booklet with 20 vouchers. Your partner only can use the voucher once. Examples of vouchers are: a one 5-minute massage, 100 kisses wherever you like or a breakfast in bed. Believe me; your partner will absolutely love this gift!

Treasure hunt
In addition, it will be more fun if your partner first has to do some things before he or she will get his/her Valentines gift. Your partner will get a text message of you that he/she must take a look at the mailbox, because there will be the first envelope with the first clue. One clue leads to another, it may for example say: go to the bathroom or go to the room were we sleep. The last clue leads to the room where you are with the real Valentines gift of your own choice.

Tips en tricks
Today in our weekly returning part ‘trips and tricks’ a short movie how to have a happy Valentine’s Day on a budget, enjoy!

Have you ever received a very nice Valentine's gift or do you know fun things to do on this day with your partner? Share it with us! Your nice gifts and experiences will give people more ideas to surprise their Valentine. 

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See you next week, and then we will talk about a couple of Apps that could help you to save money in different ways!

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