Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to save money with...Apps

Last week, we were sitting in a train and heard a baby laugh and it sounded really like a ringtone. Our first reaction was: “is this an App?” In this modern world has practically everyone a smart phone and is for almost everything an App available. Today, we will show you a few Apps which can help you to save money in different ways.

Money Lover – Expense Manager
Free App – available for Android and IOS
Do you have problems to keep track of your incomes and expenses and spent always too much money in a month? The Money Lover App helps you to keep an eye on your financial status. You can add your incomes and expenses in it and it automatically calculates your monthly finances. Moreover, you can add an financial calendar which tells you when you need to make transactions and in this way you will never forget financial appointments. The App contains 12 languages and a lot more currencies.

Home remedies
Free App – available for Android
Why go to a doctor and spent too much money if you also can treat pains at home? This App is a guideline with a lot of solutions for common ailments. If you have for example acne, this App gives you several opportunities to solve the problem. We say try this first at home and if it still doesn’t work then go to a doctor!

DIY reader
Free App – available for Android
Nowadays a lot of things in the stores are very expensive. This App contains 13 blogs which all write about things you can “do-it-yourself”. Become creative and make use of this App and you will be stunned how much money you can save by doing some things by yourself at home instead of go out and shopping!

Everyday energy tips
Paid app, € 0.79 – available for Android and IOS
Who has not to do with it? Each year the energy bill returns and turns out to be higher than last year. This app can help you to save money on your utility bills through simple tips for your household.

Last but not least some tips to find the right App: search for free Apps with a good review. Furthermore, if you are not sure if it is a good App for you, just try it, you can always delete it quickly from your smart phone!

We hope you have enjoyed our tips for Apps to save money in an easy way. Thank you for reading our blog, next week we will tell you everything about budget shopping.

See you next week and remember…saving money is fun!

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