Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to save money with..budget shopping

You want to wear the latest fashion but everything is too expensive to buy? Do you recognize this? Then you are at the right place! This week we will give you tips to look fabulous without spending too much money.

The first tip we want you to give is to go shopping when it is sale. Most of the time the sale starts in July and January. Shopping in time of sale could save you a lot of money. The sale starts most of the time with a discount of 30%, but if you wait a week or two than the sale is mostly increased to 70%, which could save you even more money.


Basic items
Create a fashionable outfit each day with just a couple of basic items. For example, ensure a good pair of jeans and basic shirts and combine them with a new piece of clothing and/or a lot of accessories. You only bought a new item and do not have to buy a whole new outfit, but it will look like new every time if you combine them with different things.

Online shopping
Tip three is to shop online and find the right shopping sites. A lot of websites like Ebay offer clothing with a lot of discount or from other people who want to sale their clothing. Besides, there are also different websites who collect and share special offers from stores, so if you follow these websites you can’t miss any deals!

Search for the right shops
To save money for clothing you could buy a lot of trendy clothes in vintage stores. Most of the people don’t know there are a lot of these shops, which offer clothes and accessories for a very low cost. Besides, most of the clothes are unique, which could be an advantage because you know for sure no one will wear the same as you. In addition, buy your clothes in less expensive stores like H&M, Primark, New Look, Dorothy Perkins or find the closest outlet store for cheaper branded clothing.

Clothing exchange/ Swap party
Finally, what is more fun than meet your friends and get some nice new pieces of clothing? Organize a meeting with friends and ask them to bring some clothes with them they don’t want to wear anymore. While enjoying a drink you can look at each other clothes and swap them around. After a evening with your friends you could come home with a whole new wardrobe!

We hope you liked our tips about budget shopping and we are looking forward to see you next week!
PS. Let us know if you know more tips to save money!

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