Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to save money with...a city trip

What is more fun than go to another city and take a break? Only, what to do when you are dealing with a budget? Read it here! Find out how you can manage a cheap city trip.

First of all, when you have decided which city you want to visit you have to arrange the transport. For cities like London, Madrid or Stockholm it is often cheaper to go by plane. There are several low cost airlines that offer cheap flights. You can think about airlines like EasyJet and RyanAir or take a look at the following websites for an overview of the companies with the cheapest flights. These airlines offer cheaper flights when you book your flight early.                                      
Let's take a break for a funny movie with more tips for searching for cheap tickets: 

After flying you obviously need to have a place to stay. Most of the hotels are very expensive, but there are good alternatives! There are a lot of hostels or apartments where you can stay for less money than in a hotel. In addition, there is a special website where people offer their ‘’couch’’ to other people to spend the night. Also, is a good manner to stay cheap in different cities. On this website people offer their house for exchange for free to other people. When you still prefer a hotel there are great websites who offer last minute discount or daily offers. Think about websites like who do not calculate reservation fee and offer hotels worldwide.

Then you have booked your flight and stay but then what? How could you discover the city cheap? See the below tips and tricks! 

Tips and tricks

  • Avoid the public transport and do as much as possible by foot. Most of the public transport in big cities is very expensive. When it is not possible to do everything by foot then look for tickets that are suitable for more days, like the Oyster card in London. These tickets are often cheaper and useful for different types of public transport in the cities.
  • Avoid the expensive city tour buses, which bring you to all the tourist spots, and discover it by your own. In most of the cities you can take every metro, bus or train by one ticket and you can go on and off when you want. You just have to buy a day travel card and a cheap city map!
  • When you are a student don’t forget your student card. In many cities you can get a lot of discounts on shopping, museums or other cultural and tourist activities.
  • Search for free activities like city walks with a guide or museums.
  • Search for public transport tickets before leaving and buy them online. In some countries it is cheaper to buy your ticket in advance and much more expensive if you buy them that day.
  • Buy food at the side streets of the tourist attractions and you will probably get your food much cheaper than at the main streets. Also, when you are in a restaurant ask for the dish of the day. These dishes are most of the time very cheap but very nice!

Have a nice city trip!

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