Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to save money products

Every day you want to look at your best but you don’t want to spend to much money on beauty products. In this blog we give some tips to make you look beautiful with a small budget.

Glitter glamour!
Do you need glitters but you don’t want to buy a special glitter product? We have the solution: buy an orange. When you sweep the orange over your arm you will see that it gives your skin beautiful glitters! An advantage of this method is that you also have a tasty orange to eat. Try this at home!

Cut cut
Need a haircut and are you a bit of a daredevil? Walk into the nearest stylist school, they need often people as a model for their exams. Sometimes they have a special assignment, like cut the hair in a nice bob, so if you do this, try to take risks! In a stylist school they might also have an education for beautician, which can be an opportunity to get for example a nice massage.

It is all about the brand
When you are at the chemist’s shop they offer you a lot of beautiful and expensive products. A tip is to look at the same products of the cheaper brands or house brand of the store. Most of the time, the products are made in the same factory and that’s why the house brand is also from a good quality. Don’t led commercials of expensive mislead you that only their product is the best.

Nowadays, there are also a lot of beauty products available for men. For example, Kruidvat has a beauty line for men. This beauty line is not expensive at all!

Last but not least, make your own beauty products! This video shows you how you can make your own chocolate beauty mask.

YouTube shows you a lot of more video’s about making your own beauty products.

Tips and Tricks

  •  Read the leaflets of the chemist’s shops, they often have very good deals for the best beauty products.
  •  If you have found a good cheap beauty product, stick to it. Why changing something that is good? (and cheap?)
  • Ask friends, family etc. for tips and tricks, maybe they have discovered a very nice product!

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Thanks for reading and go treat yourself on the delicious chocolate beauty mask!

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