Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to save money…at home

Home is where the heart is. A lot of people spend to much money on energy, furniture and small jobs in and around their house. In this blog post we give you several tips and tricks about moneysaving in your own home.

Save energy
You probably have heard this tip before but we mention it because it can save you really a lot of money. Pay attention to your use of water, lights and warmth at home. Do not shower longer than 5 minutes, don’t turn on the lights or heater if it is not necessary. Your bills will be a much lower than before.

Need a make over? do it yourself!
Are you or have you a handy man at home? Make your own furniture! If you make for example your own table it will be much cheaper than you will buy a new one. But what if there is no handy man in your house? Look out for sales and do not buy totally new furniture. Useful websites can be MarktplaatsEbay and Adtrader.

You and you!
Oh no, the washing machine is broken! Don’t call immediately a mechanic but try to fix it by yourself. Do you know nothing about eletricity or machines? Ask friends and family if they know someone who wants to take a look at your broken washing machine. Most of the time those people only ask a friendly price.

Weather strips
Draught is a danger for your energy bills. Make your home draught-free by using weather strips. They are cheap and save a lot of energy at home. Make sure that you check all the rooms where draught can occur. One tip: check the mail box, most of the time this is a lovely place for draught!

ET phone home
Nowadays, almost everyone calls by the mobile phone but they still have a fixed telephone line at home. Stop paying for this fixed line and start using only your mobile phone. Furthermore, it may be also cheaper to call over the internet. Skype is a service to call with another person for free!

Check your bills every week and try to discover where you can save money on. Do you need to make less use of your telephone or do you need to save money on using the lights in your house?

Tips & Tricks
  • Install a water meter
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Shop around for the cheapest insurances
  • Claim your tax credits
  • Install energy efficiet windows
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See you next week!

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